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A vibrational gift activator that has all her clair's developed, a medium and one that can feel and move the energy that limits you in your goals, love life, finances, relationships to live a happier life. 

The Healing Journey

You are a beautiful soul and here to ignite deep passion and love. I know what its like to have the failed relationships, not connecting with folks, feeling unseen, unheard and how to help you out of it. 

It’s time for a vibrational shift to transform and ignite the creation of your rebirth. It's time to cut cords, break karmic patterns, release generational and get into your own energy.  A teacher, seer, energy facilitator, I shift the energies to get you in alignment and feeling amazing!

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Self Healing on your spiritual journey just got easier

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Getting Clear On Your Goals

Clear Concise Mental Picture. In life, whatever you are focused on, you must have a CCMP on what you desire. For once you have a clear picture of what it is that you want, the road map and steps to get there become evident.


Fear vs Faith Based Decisions

We are faced with decisions constantly whether it be big or small. As we filter through them, there are instances where we have to pause to see if it is the right fit at the right time. While we pause there are certain triggers within the body that lets us know if we should or shouldn't move forward with that decision.


Understanding and Controlling The Energy Within You

Energy and how we use it can be the result of a good day or bad day. The key is to be mindful of your energy and how you utilize it daily. We are all energetic beings and how we choose to use this in our daily life is a gift of free will. 



The Vibrational Gift Activator is the CEO and Founder of Universal Love, a healing platform to ancient wisdom, teachings and energetic work that supports hundreds of women and men every month with their emotional work, self-healing and spiritual enlightenment through her programs. She is multi-faceted with her healing abilities and understanding of personal development, energy work, communication, relationships and has curated a number of products to help one holistically on their spiritual journey and awakening, including her healing modality Ancient Light Healing.

What Clients Are Saying

“A call that led to my tapping the Powers within! Keshia is incredibly talented and gifted in the arts of healing and meditation. I had the good fortune to connect with Keshia through Linkedin. We took our connection offline, and I discovered Keshia’s gifts of intuition and holistic healing. What stood out most about our call was Keshia’s ability to pinpoint areas in my life that needed healing with remarkable accuracy. Equally, her demeanor was kind and non-judgmental, leading to a personal breakthrough for me! If you are seeking to align your mind, body, and soul, then I wholeheartedly recommend that you consider Keshia Martin as your choice for a holistic healer. You will be transformed!”​

–Adrienne Simms Harris

"Just saying if you have any doubt on the power of energy healing and what it can do for you? – you need to open your spirit and allow the process -IF you feel there is a forever spinning wheel that just will not stop or you are in a funk not having clarity or direction – You need to get on board with Keshia – The powerful session will deliver amazing results – in just one session with Keshia and NOT having any knowledge of her I am forever empowered and released with a clearer direction than I have had in the last 24 months – reach out if you need more confirmation on her abilities to help you – I give her a top rating!”

– Jodeen Bergstrom

Up Your Healing with Sacred Symbols

The ancient language before were symbols, the sacredness and power in this transforms and shifts things within you energetically. It's time to unlock the Ancient Light

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