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Vibrational Healing Coach To Identify Your Unique Gifts.

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I teach that Ascension is real and how you can break the built paradigm. 

It’s time you know the voice within and own your power to create the life you desire.

So, discover the energetic in healing with a session or through one of the many tools offered here.  All are infused with Energy to raise your vibrations. 

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Its all about accessing. With Keshia, you get access to the higher frequencies and meditations to reach the higher vibrations for multidimensional transformations.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I hold Keshia Martin , In high regards, she has an amazing gift and Has helped me personally. I would highly recommend her for anyone in need of help guidance in her field of practice. She is kind caring honest and reliable and truly has an amazing gift to share and in which she can intuitively help others in need. 

Beryl Villa

distant Coaching

Had the most amazing session with Keshia…she had reached out to me and was able to help me when I needed it the most. She is amazing!!! She channeled what was blocking me. Humble and amazing healer

Bobbie Jo

Distant Healing

Very informative! Clear and concise information that is easy to use.

Nate Brandon

Online Course


Enjoy your life now, 
Master & Unlearn the deception that has kept you in a tangled web.

That inner voice or feeling that has kept you on a search has had you on a quest like peeling back an onion.  Each peel, you find something else about yourself.  Your motivations, your loss, your love.  But who are you?

It’s time to reach the core.  
See, its a deception you have believed.  But who is fooling who?  Its an illusion and a trap that sucks you in a paradigm that feels inescapable, like quicksand.

The process I offer, takes you in to deep depths to find what it will be like to have those deep desires fulfilled.  To feel this this core and not feel shame or hindered for being you.  

Healing Session To Live Life Again Happy

From the moment we began, I felt relaxed. I felt like a rush of emotions needing to come out, as the session proceeded. I felt as if my heart was cleansed. I just recently went through a pretty traumatic experience and wasn’t sure how quite go about life after it. I had a pool of emotions bottled up, inside of me. I was able to let go of all negative energy and move forward with your help. Thank you again for this healing. I would surely recommend this for everyone.

M. Davidson