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Vibrationally Transform the Frequency To Tap You Into Your Gifts.


It's time for a vibrational shift to transform and ignite the creation of your rebirth. To release yourself from spiritual fatigue, the drains of life and loss of momentum. When you reignite the energetic field, you clear the energetic cords, shatter the karmic bonds transferred through generations - YOU FLY

Powerfully clearing a room from anywhere across the globe

The blueprint to guide you through to your breakthrough.

Helping you get better sleep, make more money, improve your relationships, connect on deeper levels, create healthy boundaries, and overall BE HAPPY!!! --

like for real. like legit happy...

Your Go To Online Self Healing Expert

Teaching you Meditation, how to clear your mind, connect and more important HOW to know your intuition, trust it and more important TAKE ACTION.  With me we will work you through practical tips to understand the  why, the how and moveing into alignment to remove the blocks that limit your success in all areas of your life.  

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Keshia Martin

Women and their Womb

The Real Reasons why your Menstrual Cycle has changed It happens to the best of us you know. Lately with the energy shifts, the womb

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Serving You with Ongoing Sessions

Ongoing Healing Package

Work with me ongoing to clear the energetic patterns, help you through mindset, habits that have kept a cycle in your life.  This package is for ones that need clear guidance on why things are happening, how to move past it and accountability to transition. 

Client Testimonials

Just saying if you have any doubt on the power of energy healing and what it can do for you? - you need to open your spirit and allow the process -IF you feel there is a forever spinning wheel that just will not stop or you are in a funk not having clarity or direction - You need to get on board with Keshia -

The powerful session will deliver amazing results - in just one session with Keshia and NOT having any knowledge of her I am forever empowered and released with a clearer direction than I have had in the last 24 months - reach out if you need more confirmation on her abilities to help you - I give her a top rating!
Jodeen Bergstrom
A call that led to my tapping the Powers within! Keshia is incredibly talented and gifted in the arts of healing and meditation. I had the good fortune to connect with Keshia through Linkedin. We took our connection offline, and I discovered Keshia's gifts of intuition and holistic healing. What stood out most about our call was Keshia's ability to pinpoint areas in my life that needed healing with remarkable accuracy. Equally, her demeanor was kind and non-judgmental, leading to a personal breakthrough for me! If you are seeking to align your mind, body, and soul, then I wholeheartedly recommend that you consider Keshia Martin as your choice for a holistic healer. You will be transformed!
Adrienne Simms-Harris
Testimonial: Universal Love

Feel connected with who you are and reveal the truths that have been hidden from you.

It’s the essential for all who are awakening, have been broken down, recovering from emotional strifes and need an understanding. 

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It's time you come into your power

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Cord Cutting Meditation

Break Soul Ties, Karmic, Ancestral, Psychic Cords & Toxic Relationships

Only $1.97!