Month: April 2014

Accept Your Obstacles

Life is full of challenges and obstacles, it is something that we will never escape.  However, when one arrives, we can have the tendency to retract in fear or over-analyze the scenario in an attempt to avoid the past experience.   The past experience.  What a thing.   We have such a way of either …

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Slowing Down

Sometimes I wonder if we are speeding time up.  If energetically we are transferring our impatience and need for now, moving to tomorrow right into this earth.   As I slow down on this road to recovery, I sit back and watch a fast moving world.  I take in more and take on less. People …

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diconnecting the disconnect

Love, laughter, smiles and warmth are all some necessary ingredients to heal you emotional, physical and spiritual well being.   Without these, energetically you are lost and disconnected from your higher self. This disconnect creates negative results such as worry, insecurity, fear, loss, anger, shame, lonliness and depression to name a few.   Most cope …

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