Understanding The Realness Within You

Wondering why you may be so angry or at a loss. Ever have a pull and have nowhere to go?  Having an inner feeling to do  or respond to something one and way, but conflicted with thought. This is your spirit calling you.  Telling you that you are not connected anymore.  The life and the decisions you are making are not one with your inner spirit.  This is your signal to look within, ground and meditate.

This act of going within ties a realness to the situation.  It identifies the core matters that are important to the real you.  Meditation is a time of reflection, silence and an inward transfer of energy.  It’s time to embrace the realness.

Embracing this and knowing who you are and what you desire is what makes you unique and brings an inner peace and just feel calm.  That is your signal of the true.  Whether it is good or bad, one will always know the right flow of energy for oneself by this peace.


Its not the “keeping it real” to insult and project what was hard in a hurtful way, but it is the essence of accepting and coming to terms with the truth from within.  When this comes, there is no anger, hurt or sadness, but the realness of love from within.

Embrace the Realness.


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