Being true to you is knowing your real value.  Knowing your true worth.

Thinking of the experiences from childhood, for many of us long forgotten, we have learned fear and that there are certain things that are not for us.  With more resistance in life, obstacles, we start to accept these levels feel that certain things are not for us.

It’s when you have fallen to the point that enough is enough that you actually begin to emerge.

Now, this emergence we are chatting about is no easy feat.  Hell, if anything, you’ll get more stuff to come up to prove that you can’t do it.  It’s a fight.  A true struggle to break past.

Think of it.

In most cases, you still have the same family, the circle of friends and things surrounding you.  However, just like childbirth, you know, when you were ready to come out.  We each have our own time when we are ready.

Straight up.

To be true to you, it means knowing who you truly are.  What you desire on the innermost, from a spirit level and then taking a stand on this position.  It means allowing only the things that will serve you at a higher level, one in alignment with your soul purpose.

The physical signals will be peace, joy, fulfillment and just happy.


This comes from control of the mind, your thoughts and feelings to the things that happen to you in your daily activities.  When you are dealing with people and situations, there are self-limiting beliefs as you are emerging from this docile life, that will tell you “it’s not right to do this”.  Learn how to tune this out and feel what is right and peaceful in your heart.

Control the mind, recreate the thoughts that will keep you in alignment to a positive vibration.

Here is how you stay true to what is right for you.  Here is how you become heart-centered.

Discipline yourself to be more mindful of what your energy gravitates to and what will manifest in your life what you truly desire.




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