The Energy Shift Needed To Make A True Change On A Cellular Level

Growing to who you are to become is a process.  It is a process that requires you to let go of many thought patterns to allow the emergence of your true soul.  These patterns of thought are instilled through experience and can include beliefs that are self-limiting.  These self- limits are imposed because we chose to believe them.  

It’s realizing they are limits that will set one free.

Each of us is free to be whatever it is we desire.  We can be of light or of the dark.  But for every decision, there is a consequence or reward.  It is cause and effect for the energy to transfer.  On a cellular level, we retain this information and continue to feed it what it needs to grow.  This includes conversation, movies, music, shows, activities and more.  Our very being and way of living have a direct impact on how we develop in this lifetime.

To awaken and be of light, in the trueness in which we were created, means making changes and going against what is your norm now.  It is a renewal process that frees you from the energies of this world that contaminate the soul from really achieving what its true calling is.  This can be in art, music, technology, mathematics, and equity or more.  Whatever you are truly designed for in love, career it will become apparent as you are in alignment with the vibrations of love and happiness.

We understand this vibration when it is disrupted and we are pulled down in a frequency that is with fear and anger.  I found with my growth that these are mere energies that we make decisions to come in alignment with.   I also understand more than actions or events can cause us to move in patterns in and out of these frequencies.    To truly move in a fluid formation with the positive light, we must make a cognitive change with our mindset to be decisive in our thought pattern on what we will and not allow.  This is how we break free and change the course for becoming who we truly are.  It is a mindset shift.  

It is seeing things for what it is and not trying to stop or alter what is, but to accept and allow to move on the right path that is in alignment with yours.   This path can be difficult and one may need a system or guidance to help them through this.   As we all once did to learn what we learned up until now.  

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