Simple Steps for Changing Your Diet

If you are on a spiritual path or just want a change in your life, then what you eat is key for awakening and to receive happiness.  Now, I’m not a nutritionist, but what I can do is give you tips on what I did to ultimately change my diet.Reasons to Change?

The reasons can be for weight loss, mental clarity, better mood, you heard its better for you, wanting to go vegetarian, etc…However, past experiences with diet has you unsure of the process for yourself and the success.

These personal reasons are all good and are the motivating factor for you to stick to it!  So embrace this as you embark a smooth change in your life.

What I have found is that dieting, usually ends up with cutting a bunch of stuff out, crash coursing to lose weight and to put it all back on plus 5 in a short period.  Would you agree?  Or another method is doing the quick, I’m going to just start eating everything healthy bing..  This is where you go to the grocery store buy all the stuff you seen as good healthy eating, you eat right for a week, maybe two and then the cravings kick in.

Sounds familiar?

If so, then you are in the right spot.

Here’s what I did.

It took a minute, but it has worked and transferred over to my children.

Let’s start with the time it takes to get a new habit.  Do you know about how long that takes?  If you guessed about 30 days, you are right.

See with this theory, I created an outcome for myself of healthy eating and lifestyle.  I didn’t want to diet, nor did the healthy binge work either.

So here’s what you gotta do:

1.  Make a list of the things in your diet currently
2.  Be honest
3.  Note or (*) the ones that are known for not being healthy (Salty, Sugars, etc)
4.  Pick one that you are willing to give up
5.  Find a substitute for it

Sounds simple, but it can be tough.  Trust me, I know.  The cravings can kick in and you are back to square one.  But you can do this.

For example, when I started I used to drink soda, now they are like pins and needles to me.  I am all water now.  But the transition came with switching the soda for a juice.  I did this for 30 days, then after that I switched from Juice to Water.

So when I was thirsty, instead of reaching for what I normally would drink, I used my substitute.   I did this, until it became a habit for me to do something different.

Another example, I read and found that red onions were better than white.  So for shopping, I made a conscious buying decision and cooked with this instead. I have also done the same with salt.  Switching from Iodized to Sea Salt and now Himalayan.  I have found a vast improvement in my life since.

Now, my transitions has been going on for a little over 3 years now and it is now who I am.  Most people that know me know I mainly drink water.  But overall, the rewards with feeling happy, balanced, in tune and healthy are here.


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