2021 New Year, New Goals

Another year has truly come and gone!  And boy what a year 2020 did bring?! Right?

See, more than anything that I feel, is that many of you don’t want to go back to certain habits or relationships.  You are ready to break ties and want to know HOW.  It feels like a weight moving into a new year with the same ol’ same ol’.   You may have tried everything and for whatever reason, you either get the same Jo back in your life or you attract one just like.

2020 became a time of evaluation, it became a year of transparency.  This allowed you to face some childhood wounds, anxiety, stress of the unknown and so much on your mind including subconsciously.  Most of these things, you haven’t thought of in years.  But here they are now.  This aloneness, really gave the time for you to realize what you have been putting up with and what you are ready to leave behind.

But for some reason, it’s not easy to let go of.

I know and truly get it.  I do.

Which brings me to goal setting and really evaluating where you want to be?  Now for me, I’ve never been much of a New Year Resolution type of gal, but with so many burdens from the year before and relief that one of these years is over.  So on top of your personal mind boggles, you got all this on top of it:

  •  Stress around  COVID-19,  the virus and vaccines
  • Concerns about the President/Government decisions
  • Virtual schooling
  • Uncertainty of job and income
  • Realization of what is dependable and what to do next
  • Meeting new people

I know.  It feels like this saga will never end.  More importantly, how do you shift the negative self talk that helps you stay with the same unhealthy relationships or attract them?  That’s where I want to help.  I see the gap.

See the thing is, I’ve been working on something for a long time.  I just didn’t know how much I was preparing for being that person to help someone in this time.  See, 10 years ago, I went through much of what many of you are experiencing today..and I KNOW how it feels to be isolated.  When 2020 hit for me, I was busier, but I too also took some time to go within.  Go within on a much deeper level.

I found here my goals for 2021 and as wild as this sounds, I want to stay accountable with the social media audience that is close to 20k and my website audience of over 500k.

And setting my goals for 2021,

  • Help folks to release some stress they didn’t know they had
  • let go of the mind blocks and really step into their power
  • Shift the energetic patterns to attract differently in your life (and yes! even keeping the same persons if you choose)


From deep soul-searching, mentoring and other soul healing activities –  I know that my key here is to help as many with their Wellness and achieving a balance with their Health, Spiritual Awakening and Relationships.

Together, you will learn these techniques from me:

  1. Clearing your Mind for total relaxation
  2. Communicating your truth, no matter what
  3. Honoring yourself
  4. Freeing yourself from triggers
  5. Getting aligned to heart space
  6. Knowing how this works

These are just the tips, but as you follow and implement, you will start to see your life improving.  The people in your life shifting, and you’re becoming the person you want to be.




Ps.  One of the most exciting things to kick off this year are the Virtual Meditations.  It is the start to going relaxing and making the shift. Join me for the FREE 15 Minute Monday evening meditation starting 1/11/2021. For a full length 60 min meditation that will take you to a state of bliss and recenter your week on Wednesday –> CLICK HERE

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