3 Simple Steps to Loving Freely


Can one truly love a person unconditionally that is not their child?  It is a question that came to mind the other day.  I say with children, for that comes naturally for most.   However, as we grow and have an experience of pain it makes it more difficult to reach the goal of enlightenment and unconditional love.

Universal Love is a term that came to me.  Where Uni – means “one” and verse – means “turned”.  Turned into one love.  I think of it as one turned into love.  One love for mankind and all of creation.

Love is felt, an emotion deep within.  But also a vibration that energetically is felt.  That with sound, it attunes to a frequency that resonates with one at the soul level.  That when played memories of nostalgia and feeling warm to the heart are brought to the conscious level for one to experience yet another moment.

To Be, and happily embrace such moments, one must go through levels of healing to be open to receive.  I call this the unmasking.  Unmasking for the removal of band-aids for guarding the heart and inner child has to be removed for one at first deal with the pain.

When you look at a newborn baby, we can see a joy, an innocence and a love that is born into this life.  We look at wonder how this life can be at such bliss and often wish we too can feel this same feeling.  A life without stress, worry, and daily hassles.

To do this takes work and will take some time.  But with some simple steps applied daily, one can start to experience change and begin freeing the mind to allow the heart to be more open.

3 Simple Steps to Internalize

1.  Just Allow

Allow things to happen and be receptive to what is to come.  Just allow and feel  what is in the now.  To be here and embrace all positive energies that exist around you. As you allow, feel the negatives and send love to them.    Know that in this life, every experience is here to either teach you, heal you or stretch you.  Just allow the process to shape and form you.  Allow negative thoughts to pass through and not form as a word or action in your life.  Just allow the real you to emerge and be.  The inner child of youth, love and connectivity. 


2.  Forgive

Yes, forgive.  The forgiveness is not for the other but for you.  To free yourself from the entrapment of another.  To free yourself from bondage that does not serve you, but to just allow and see how you learn, heal or grow from this experience.   The decision releases your mind and energetic body from this situation to allow you to be here in the now.  This free’s your physical body of stress and entanglement that can manifest into illness.  So allow yourself the freedom to forgive not just one or many but yourself as well.  


3.  Move On

Feel the energies that move you in a positive light and move with this.  As anything comes, connect within and move with this energy to consistently do what is best for you.  Move on from the situation or persons to better shape your reality and grow with.   Energies are always changing, to stay in the same mindset is to be stagnant.  Allow yourself to move away from the negative feelings, thought patterns and energies that keep you away from your light.  


Make these simple steps a practice in your daily life.  One that becomes a part of you by internalizing the process of allowing, forgiving and moving with energies to create a better life.  Staying stagnant creates dust.  Too much dust creates allergic reactions.  And we know what fun that can be.

Let’s find out what is on the other side and embrace the positive light and energies that create our inner beings and be free-flowing and evolving.  For those having the challenges of consistency, healing tools are here to assist you with balancing the energies to do these steps.  The class, I’ve created outlines simple ways for you to quickly apply and change the vibrations in your life.

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