Do you know who you truly are? 

And what do you see, when all else is stripped away?

Turn your vulnerability into power.  Love yourself more and make new friends.  These classes give you the mojo to take yourself to the next level.   It’s where you  redefine yourself and channel the primal energies that is.

Here we integrate sacred dance with dance to create a new way of connecting.

This style is the art of connecting within in a way that connects and aligns us to the earth’s energy and to our wombs.  

Music is made of sounds and frequencies that tunes into vibrations that can affect our bodies in a fun playful way, that in essence allows that freedom of dance.    

It is a true natural way of being.

The dance is a rhythm, a connectivity to what is with the music.  So, when we dance, we are connecting to the earth, the music and allowing the harmonies to move through us in a way to bring joy.  Music creates a fun form of expression. An expression to rhythms and one that can guide us on a journey through time. With today’s music, it’s important we learn how to master the energies.


When we dance, we connect.  


The same tones that a musicians play, pass through our bodies, connect with our minds.  Guiding us on a deeper journey through our spirit. For the tunes played resonate with a frequency of the earth and here through dance, a connection is made.


Once the basic movements are learned and integrated we can move to a place of complete connection. This involves connecting in both directions, to the Earth and the cosmos/universe, a practice common in Martial Arts. In this state we reach the point of ‘no-mind’. We become one with the music, the Earth’s rhythm and everything around us. We create in the moment, completely in the ‘present’. Like a moving meditation synchronized to music moving from within and without. It is at this point where we can recognize the Sacredness of the Dance and feel the complete connection, the fusion point of the Universal Dancer. It is at this point that the Dance becomes a spiritual practice.



In this Dance we Dance the most primordial of all sacred geometry, the serpent-like sinusoidal wave. With each Dance we recreate the universe just as Nut did, birthing Ra a new, every morning.

As with most esoteric knowledge, being shrouded in a playful or entertaining way has preserved the knowledge. Elements of this type of dance can still be seen in modern day Ecstatic, Trance, Tantric, Middle Eastern, Tribal or Belly Dance. What differs is that Sacred Dance is danced for expression rather than performance. It is all about the experience and how that experience impacts the dancer. Not what it looks like, but what it ‘feels’ like.



The Dance was originally the Dance of the Womb rather than belly. The womb being a sacred space the Dance then held a more spiritual significance. As this link to the Divine aspect of the feminine dissolved the dance became more about the actual body part, the belly, than the sacred centre, the womb.



Dance is a very natural part of our lives. Children dance spontaneously. Hearing music they are almost compelled to move and dance. The human body is a standing wave. Hearing or feeling other waves around us causes us to resonate with them.


 So Why Not Dance in a way to empower you?



“The dance is really when the dancer is no more. If the dancer is still there then it is not a creative act, then it is at the most a skill. The technician is there but not the dancer – one who knows how to dance is there but not the dancer. Because the dancer knows nothing; the dancer remains in a state of not knowing. She forgets all her skill, she forgets all the techniques that she has learnt she forgets herself, she is utterly lost. She is in the hands of Goddess. She cannot even say ’I am dancing’ – she can only say ’Goddess has taken possession of me, I am possessed. Goddess is dancing in me. I am the field where Goddess is dancing, I am the hollow bamboo and Goddess is singing. She has made a flute of me.”


~ from Osho (adapted by mystical shaktihood 😉




Here, we will explore a deeper level of meditation through breath work and visualization.  Connecting with the universal energies and aligning to the earth, you will establish a true connection within yourself.  This is how you get Mind, Body, Spirit aligned. When this is achieved, you have a greater sense of awareness for all bodies.  Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical. This is how the deeper connections are created. With practice you can develop into your primordial being for truer, deeper connections within yourself and with those closest to you.



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