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Reconnect with techniques to self-heal. Break what's negatively impacting you.

at 3 p.m.

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In 5 Days, just one hour a day you will go through an exploration of energy and techniques for self healing.

You are ready for a breakthrough..

And maybe you don’t know WHAT? 

Or to what…

That’s okay.  

This FREE 5 Day Explore is here to help you dump out all that is holding you hostage.  

You have a gift and deep down inside you know there is a bigger potential.  

The key is to finally reset.  Stop taking on what is going on around you  and start attracting the life you want.  This includes your personal relationships, lifestyle and finances.

You will gain...


Day 1

Clarity on all the things that are weighing you down.  Retreat with me to work through the baggage and feel a state of bliss with our powerful meditation.


Day 2

Self-care from the inside out, master the secret to transmute the stress to get a breakthrough you desire.


Day 3

Creating healthy boundaries and expanding into you divine energy.  Let’s reconnect and engulf what is truly sacred to you and regain the respect you deserve.



Day 4

An exploration of energy and inner work to align. Powerful breathwork and learn the tips the Vibrational healer uses to keep her energy high and vibes right.  


Day 5

Our closing ceremony.  Honoring our divine space, paying gratitude for engulfing love that we have created within us.  This last day of our explore is one of magic and inspiration.  Igniting the fire within you to magnify your manifestations as you embody your sacred divine self. 

Quick Info

  • The 5 Day Explore starts on October 21, 2020 at .
  • Class will run approximately 60 minutes.
  • Virtual class. Live-streaming video. Watch from anywhere in the world.
  • You must attend while it’s happening live. There will be no recording, no replay, no rebroadcast later. This is a one-time-only training session. Show up live.
  • It’s free to attend.
  • And yes, feel free to share this info and invite your friends!

Should you attend?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the following statements, then you should definitely come.

You are burnt out, feeling stressed and wondering if you could get more hours in a day.  When you are hustling and the feels of getting no-where is real.

Find yourself getting triggered and having your emotional state change.  This can be from the news, work, friends, relationship, you just notice you are getting upset.

You feel unseen.  You have been putting everyone else first and not feeling appreciated for the time, energy and effort that you have given out.

You are just tired.  Physically tired from doing so much and just exhausted from the thought of doing things, worrying, stress levels and all things else that feels out of your control.

You know there’s more, but can’t really peg what it is or how to get it.  This can be in love, relationships, career. Just need to break past what’s been stopping you.

You need a break from homeschooling your kids and are ready for some fresh energy! At bear minimum – get out of the same routine!

You said YES to one, or more, of those statements? This *FREE CLASS* is for you. Sign up to ensure you get a seat!


From politics to social to COVID you are affected and in a whirlwind with your most personal relationships and NOW your money.

Now More than ever, its time for you to…

  • Start making decisions that put you first
  • Having the love that you want and being able to receive it
  • Start living your life on YOUR terms with BETTER results

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About Keshia ....

Vibrational Healer. Author. Coach

Keshia started working in corporate moved to Photography & Design business of 8 years for small and mid-size companies.

She is now Vibrational healer that has tapped into her gifts and created methods to Help Conscious, Free-Thinkers The keys to Achieve Their Goals And Build Better, Stronger Relationships With Those Around Them.
She has written a book to help those seeking, had experiences to tap into their divine essence and break the mental barriers.

Just a People-loving Empath Result-obsessed Coach Sees energy & where things are on the body Clear Knowing, Hearing, Seeing, Feeling Teaching Discernment

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