7 Tips on Meditating Successfully

To meditate successfully one must arrive in a quite space within the mind.  To effectively do so, one must control their breathing as they shift focus inward.  This can be done anywhere.  

Here are some steps to effectively do so:

1.  Find a set time that works best for you.  

I have found that either first thing in the morning or right before bed is a good time.  In the morning is great, for the body is already relaxed. Not inundated with thoughts of the day as yet.  Where at night, this is a good way to bring the mind and body to a state of relaxation.  

2.  Find a position that works best for you.

There are two methods that are effective and dependent on your body and comfortability.  This is to either sit in upright position  or to lay down.  Often times, people worry they may fall asleep if they lay down.  It is quite alright.  Especially at night, if you are doing a meditation to relax or to let stress or anxiety go.    

Upright may be either two ways.  Sitting on a chair with hands in lap or sitting with the legs crossed and hands rested on the knees.These positions are based on your comfort one and secondly the type of meditation you may be doing.   For example, ones with grounding will work best with sitting upright.

3.  Find a quiet place

Try to select a place for just this.  Your clear space of peace.  Your haven.  The energetic place that will neutralize negativity.  Just as you may work in one space, relax in another in your home, find a space for your meditation/prayer to allow your spirit to connect and receive the best connection.

4.  Understand Breathing

The breath is key with meditation.  It is the slowing down and focus of breath that truly send the oxygen in and around your body to the desired areas.  When we are first born, as you observe a baby, we breathe from our diaphram.  This breath, is the correct way to take in oxygen and send throughout our body. Thus allowing calm, peace and centered energy.  However, as we grow, we breathe more quickly from the lung and creates less oxygen, and overall stress on the body.

5. Focus on Breathing

By slowing down your breath, one brings the body to a level of relaxation.  So it is important to focus on the breath, the pace of how you Inhale and where.  Then how you exhale and where.  Try this as you read.  Take in a deep breath on a count of five.  So as you inhale through the nose, count in your mind to five then hold.  Exhale through the mouth on the same count of five.   This is a simple way to clear thought and shift focus to where the oxygen is going. 

6. Your Spinal Alignment

 As you get situated, it is important that you are attentive to the position of your spine.  Make sure that is straight and in alignment.  So if sitting, you are on your sit bones and the back is not hunched over or twisted.  Just as with laying down, you must be flat on your back and to the side or face down . 

7.  Relax and Be Easy On Yourself

It takes time to get to the point of clearing your mind fully.  So be easy on yourself.  Keep trying and as you are continue you will start to receive results.   Consistency will come as you relax and allow.  

Meditation is a process. An aspect of receiving the messages from the divinity and connecting with your spirit.  It is here the answers are truly received.  Even if its peace.  Accept this and allow.  

A Little Homework for you!

  • Set a goal to do a meditation at least 3 times this week.  Yup!  3.  I know you can do this.  
  • We’ll even set the small goal of 5 minutes.  So that’s 5, 5, 5…the number of love.  🙂   
  • The exercise will incorporate you finding a place, position and focusing on the breath.  

Best of all, I want you to share with me, your results.  Where you able to find a spot?  Where you able to clear thoughts?  How difficult?   Whatever you may want to share, I would love to know how you did and if you need help.



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