7 Tips To Measure If You Are In Need of More Self Love

For one to admit they do not have Self-love is a topic avoided but is a game changer once this happens.  The most common answer is yes, I love myself.  The scary truth is more than  % suffer from levels of insecurity and lack of confidence.  As a result, they withdraw from their true potential.  In some cases suffer from Depression, Severe Anxiety and much more.   

When you are not caring for yourself, the body reacts.  Whether the reaction is physically or even emotionally, the negative vibrations have a way of manifesting itself forward.  These are just signals that you are not giving yourself the care it needs and attention address matters as they arise.  As a result, you allow things that are not true to you.  You dwindle down on your own list of priorities and

This is perfectly normal to have these challenges in cycles of relationship.  However not normal for this to be a habitual pattern throughout your life or long spans of a relationship.

What I have found, through experience, are tips that have helped through the process of healing and overcoming the downfalls with emotions to regain self-love.

1.  Ask yourself some real questions to identify where and if you are lacking
  • Do you find yourself over compromising with others or putting them first? 
  • Do you feel that some of your friendships, if not all are one-sided in nature? 
  • Are you uncertain with what you may want with your goals?
  • Is it difficult for you to select items you want or make a decision?
  • Do you feel like you are low on the priority list with friend/family member/spouse/co-worker/boss?
2. Start by journaling  

By getting your thoughts out, you have a methodology to review what has transpired and see why you may have been upset or closed mouth in a situation.

3. Identifying your body signals

Your body will not lie to you.  Trust it.  Pay attention to the signals that it gives you when you interact with someone and it leaves you not feeling to good.  These are the signals within you that needs attention and important for you to find out why it bothers you.

4. Reflecting on your reaction to a situation

 It may not be at that very moment, but take time at one point and reflect back to how it made you feel and why reacted the way you did. 

5.  Asking yourself is this within me?  Do I do this? and in what aspect of my life?  

We attract what we reflect and each interaction we have is here for to learn a lesson.  Be open and allow yourself to grow past this.

6. Make a decision to make a change

Whether its forgiveness, changing patterns or letting go.  You must correct what is within you first.  You cannot control the other, but you can learn from the experience so the reaction is not the same.

7.  Meditation Daily

The energy that we keep within us is stored at a cellular level.  As we interact with others, we transfer energy back and forth as well as lock things in that do not serve us.  Focus on the area that has given you a signal and see how that feels.  In meditation, you can identify where may be blocked and how to release energy. 


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