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Energy Shifts! Mercury Retrogrades, What Gives?

It’s all about the energy and connecting with the vibe. This month, expect massive amounts of changes. Speak life into existence and trust the process. But how do you do it with all the changes? With retrogrades and eclipses, things can get into a spin. Literally shifting you off center. Now, how this happens is …

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The Energy Shift Needed To Make A True Change On A Cellular Level

Growing to who you are to become is a process.  It is a process that requires you to let go of many thought patterns to allow the emergence of your true soul.  These patterns of thought are instilled through experience and can include beliefs that are self-limiting.  These self- limits are imposed because we chose …

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Get More Energy and Reduce Stress With These Quick Tips

Your energy levels may fluctuate to a point where you may feel stressed, overwhelmed or out of sync.  This is created from levels of imbalance, that can be caused from improper diet, sleep patterns and physical activities that can fatigue the body. I’m sure you can relate to the days where you have much you …

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Owning Your Energy

Concentrate and focus on the energy within you.  Do not give it a label. Just know what is present.  To stop and think will be to resist and to feed or give it strength.  The key here is to be in the present. Understanding and knowing you. It is here we identify our gifts.  Lifting …

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Keshia TV Subscribe for the latest…. SUBSCRIBE Join Our list to Get IN on the LIVES! popular shows energy healing & meditations Meditation for Stress Relief Starting Career In Music Without Money – Myth Or Reality? Meditation to Release Fears and To Allow Nickelback Debuts New Single At Woodstock …

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Women and their Womb

The Real Reasons why your Menstrual Cycle has changed It happens to the best of us you know. Lately with the energy shifts, the womb has gone through much transitions. What I have noticed are the big shifts in menstrual cycle that includes consistency, pain before and after and abnormal symptoms. These symptoms are triggering …

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Coaching Details

Want to know if you have gifts and how to access? Break your blocks and Discover your abilities and how to untap. What you’ll get. For a real transformation, we need time to work together, to develop new habits, mastery of energy, your frequency and new way of thinking.  This coaching program is designed in …

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Personalized Coaching Program

ONGOING HEALING SESSIONS 1:1 healings Flexible scheduled clearings to help you past the blocks you have in your life today.​ apply today Let me ask you this? What’s the happiest time in your life you can remember? How long ago was that? When was the last time you’ve been hurt emotionally? Have you moved on …

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READY FOR CLARITY IN YOUR LIFE? Get an Exclusive On-on-One.  Keshia uses energy healing to help you get out of the loop. Coupled with intuitive coaching, you will get out of the states that suppress you. The one of anxiousness, depression, sadness or states of stagnancy. Going through this phase where you are ready for …

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TESTIMONIALS Let My Clients Words Speak To You From the moment we began, I felt relaxed. I felt like a rush of emotions needing to come out, as the session proceeded. I felt as if my heart was cleansed. I just recently went through a pretty traumatic experience and wasn’t sure how quite go about …

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Work With Me

Change YOur story Work With Us Go past your story….. Go past feeding yourself words, slogans and outside motivation to start fueling yourself NOW.  When you do this, you’ll feel confident where you stand in your relationship, set boundaries with finesse if dating.   You will feel confident to actually step OUT and work in your …

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Meet Keshia

Hi I’m Keshia, YOUR Inner work specialist An Author, Energy Healer, Coach & Mother. Meet Keshia She is passionate about helping others to find their true potentials.  Her passion has led her into discovering grounding-breaking techniques, to help others maximize their potentials to the fullest. A published author, speaker and manifester, she holds a light …

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