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The Book

New Release OPEN Let Life Make Sense For the road to freedom of thought and true happiness is never easy.  To go through the shifts, understand God and be one with yourself, there are things that one must do to connect.  These simplistic tasks are ones that were lost in our growth.  But are essential …

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Conscious Relationship | Energy Healing | Energetic Match

it’s Time be the energetic match Start attracting the mate you want.  The client you want. The life you want. APPLY NOW ongoing healing sessions 1:1 Vibrational Healing Clearing the energetic ties that keep you from connecting with your mate at a soul level. What you will gain from this… Break Energetic Ties Relationships  create …

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Self Mastery For Empaths

3 Simple Steps For Empath Self Mastery

So you are an empath and tired of being drained. One of the fundamentals to being an empath is learning self mastery of your own energy.  To do this, you must know what is truly yours.  This means, your thoughts, feelings, ideas, pains that you are experiencing.   Many times unknowing that we picked someone else’s …

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The Energy Shift Needed To Make A True Change On A Cellular Level

Growing to who you are to become is a process.  It is a process that requires you to let go of many thought patterns to allow the emergence of your true soul.  These patterns of thought are instilled through experience and can include beliefs that are self-limiting.  These self- limits are imposed because we chose …

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Consciousness & Ascension

As humanity awakens, all will strive to live a better life but many will fail with that tasks at hand. The ego will flight with the healing and stop many with their growth and lack of belief. Mankind has been in order to stop the devastation of this war and have been in alliance with …

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Owning Your Energy

Concentrate and focus on the energy within you.  Do not give it a label. Just know what is present.  To stop and think will be to resist and to feed or give it strength.  The key here is to be in the present. Understanding and knowing you. It is here we identify our gifts.  Lifting …

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Discover Spiritual Advice to Help You In The Process

Connecting to the Universe for Spiritual Change & Transformation Spiritual Change and Transformation can be a roller coaster affair. Right now, the ever changing world has humanity evolving to a degree of consciousness that has been in the dark for centuries.  As more and more are connecting with the spirit, overcoming the fear and mastering …

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To Be Nothing

This statement above came to me and I began to meditate on just this.  Being in the now.  Not allowing things to be of compare or contrast to allow the ego and the mind to assess and take hold of it.  To just be.  This is what I received.

To ask what is unknown, cannot be.  But to just be is what is.  In such a world that we live in today where everything is by a standard dictated by the government, religion and in some forms culture, we are lost souls in belief of the system or in search of the “I”.  Forever moving back and forth and missing what is here now.

To just be, allows not a form of waiting but a stillness a form of nothing.  No definitions, no labels but as the animals and creatures move in synchronicity of time, we miss with these things.   See thought has forms of energy that shape our reality.  In many forms, there is violence, anger, hostility, jealousy and negative emotions that are carried from past experiences.  These experiences cultivate more negative energy and in essence robs one of their present.  Their now.  To achieve nothing, one must release all these strongholds.  But how? Or I have, but new things are triggering this?  You don’t understand what is going on now, I do, for I am focused on this now.

All statements that may be going through your mind, energy that is here are holding on to a memory of the distant past and accessing the minute energy from within you and cultivating growth into the present.  This is an invite of this energy into your life.  Since it is known, one has allowed darker manifestations into their reality.

But if you don’t know and you have released, then you are empty and NOW you can move freely, in synchronicity as designed.   It is here there are no barriers of the mind, emotional blockages or fragments in perception.  So we find, one must release to find this level of awareness.  This is leaving the window open.  The moment of allowing without expectation.  Not to wait, but to just allow and be.

In the world we live in today, this seems like one impossible feat. But from the ancients perspective before there were so many distractions with technology, busy lives control designed cultures, there was freedom of mind.  Freedom of the unknown.  Freedom of the known.

This freedom is what they speak and teach, but has been watered down into dissolution of the mind as centuries gone by. Confusing it to believe that habitual patterns are needed and of capacity to fulfill one’s desires.  It is time to unleash such false beliefs and take into practice this actual teaching of allowing and being still to embrace the now.

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