My Story

My name is Keshia Martin, a Vibrational Healer here to help you through….

My story is different from most, but I assure you as you get to know me you will find the common threads.

So, for me right it started with disappointments with doctors and their diagnoses.  I went to doctors, receiving no answers and often left feeling more confused. So many occasions, there were times when I felt headaches or ailments, but going to a doctor nothing was wrong. Think that sounds normal? How about strangers, random friends and clients that would approach me and tell me that I have a gift, that I can heal? 

Of course, I thought that was crazy talk, like Heal? 

Really. But then, this happened.

I had a major accident, that I knew I would have. In this gestation period, I had to reset and go in more.

Dealing with bad memory, pains and more I went to the professionals for help, only for them to tell me I was getting old and this happens at 37! It was crazy…I knew I had to get out of this and fast!
Intuitively connecting, having a neurologist just asking me life questions and telling me how much more I know, had me mad at first, because I wanted my memory back, but fascinated to understand why he said that.

It’s here I started energy work. I KNEW wanted to help people break past the fear and illusions that keep them in levels of anxiety. I went through various experiences that could not be explained, but somehow they worked. Receiving bible verses that I didn’t know where there. Times when I would know what a person was really going through and being able to truly connect on a way others couldn’t.

These things right here! Were life changing.

Seeing a blue man that turned out to be Krishna, then a Bird man that turns out to be Thoth sent me on a whole path of discovery and learning. I knew it was real. Moreover, that I was not crazy.

I received the downloads and the messages to create my own healing modality in which I call Ancient Light. It is a multidimensional healing practice that clears energetically and reaching into the trauma through this and ancestral lines to clear you and give you the peace of mind you seek.

What can I do for you?

Inspire you to live and be free as you were truly designed.

Speak publicly for Inspirational guidance

Let me help your group or expand and break past their upper limits to live a better life. Put the pieces together between your life here and spirit. Finding the hacks to help you ascend further.

Help you break past emotional and mental blocks

Teachings on energy and frequency I connect to help ones break past their limits. Reaching past your therapist, I move into areas that allow you to live your best life in a free and authentic way.

Guide a group through profound powerful meditations

The power in clearing the mind and connecting into ones inner being is more powerful than you realize. Empower and lead your group to connect within and start moving in their purpose, feeling relaxed and in tune.

I can connect with an audience and be intune with their needs

This technique allows me to vibe with you the way I’m best needed. You benefit by receiving the teaching, message that resonates with you. This gives you the breakthrough that you need to move, feel happy, be free.

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