About Me


I Have One Mission and that is to help as many people connect with Source as possible.

I strongly believe change is possible and finding the right ways to connect is key. 

Here, frameworks will be created to give you the tool you need to evolve spiritually to have a balanced healthier life. 

 I have many natural born gifts that I have developed and teach. I found the only real way is to get to the grassroots, like a weed and pull from the source.  So I have created programs, meditations and more to help you through.  One thing experience has taught me is that life challenges will ALWAYS come. 


I’ve accepted my calling, received messages, channeled and created exceptional programs, wrote a book, all to help you on your spiritual journey. I do this as I raise my 3 kids.

I heal to help you identify your gifts to become you. but better. 

Business and your goals will be present.  However, what will be lost,  is the opportunity when derailed from an obstacle.
Think, when you were last stressed, what happened when you dropped a ball?

There is an energetic force behind this and I can help get rid of this and get back on track.  When you work with me you WILL get REAL results.  You will feel shifts and experience loss of anger, anxiety, fatigue and start connecting on a path that feels right.