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An Author, Energy Healer, Coach & Mother.

Meet Keshia

She is passionate about helping others to find their true potentials.  Her passion has led her into discovering grounding-breaking techniques, to help others maximize their potentials to the fullest.

A published author, speaker and manifester, she holds a light understanding the darkness and times one faces.

Her gift for healing came forward early, before mainstream, new what an empath was or crystals were a thing.



I would go to the doctor’s so many times to find nothing wrong with me. Getting MRI’s, tests and all kind of things where and still would have the challenge with no answer. The day I stumbled on a group and learned what this was, I practiced this exercise to only find my headache alleviated. A headache that I was picking up from someone who had suffered a brain anuerism. It was crazy, I was dumbfounded. The big trigger, receiving bible verses for a good period of time and then one morning deciding to go to church after receiving 5 verses. When arriving, the Pastor going over the SAME 5 verses in the same order! It tipped me forward.

So this drove me. Drove me to find the answer. To truly know the truth. When I found it, I just knew more people would be better if they knew too. I’ve seeked help, I did my research and more than anything, I believed and trusted and just allowed things to happen.

Through all doubts, fears and unlearning I found me. This gifted ball of light, now here to share with you how to awaken and be true to your inner calling.

—words from Keshia

Keshia’s mission is to help you crack open a spiritual relationship to enable you to align with your true purpose. She has been embraced her spiritual part most of her life, this has widen her horizons into a lot of spiritual realms which she is able to help you attain through her skills.

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