Accept Your Obstacles

Accept your Obstacles

Life is full of challenges and obstacles, it is something that we will never escape.  However, when one arrives, we can have the tendency to retract in fear or over-analyze the scenario in an attempt to avoid the past experience.   The past experience.  What a thing.  

We have such a way of either repeating it or holding on to it for that step to move forward or that crutch to hold on.  The question, is why?  Why is there a struggle with dealing with challenges?

I believe it has alot to do with the mind, how we  control emotions and connect with logical thinking.  Part of this is how the brain is designed, with the ratio of cells that are responsible for emotional versus logical, outnumbering by far.  Much of our emotional experiences are tied into neurons located in the back of the brain, whereas the logical is set in the front.  

Thinking the ratio, as an example, is  millions vs thousands, sheds more light to how and why we do not easily accept somethings that  remind us of a bad experience.  So here is where we retrain the brain and avoid analysis paralysis or hold back in fear.   Accept it.

If you are about to experience something again, most likely you did not gain what you should have from the experience. Kinda like GroundHogs Day, the movie, you know?   Most get stuck here, fearful they will make the same mistake, get hurt the same way or worse or just don’t want to deal.  Say screw it, go the other direction and hope for a better result only to find  the same obstacle or something along the lines.

Fear of being hurt or bringing you back to a bad memory.  Man, the power in that fear robs you from your very dream and destiny.  Face it and embrace it.  Accept it.  Fact is, You WILL get hurt again, you will make mistakes again and you my friend are not perfect, nor am I.   Breathe 🙂

Cool, now that we got that out that way, lets think of WHAT is challenging us in our lives.  WHY, does it challenge us and to just LET GO! Write it down if you have to, but not with the intent to build the negativity, but to look at it at a birds eye view to release.   See yourself at another angle.  Put it away for a few days, weeks or months and come back to see how you were able to change that.

Write your goals and what you want to achieve and focus on that.  Accept there will be obstacles and ask for guidance for when they arrive so you can maneuver over, around or through it.  Whichever way is best for you to attack it.  But most important know that you will overcome it!

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