Advantages of Waking Up Early

We have all heard the early bird catches the worm at some point of our lives.  But with application to our daily lives, how does this help us?

By waking up early, you allow yourself a fresh start.  Your mind is clear, the body is rested and things are at peace around you.  Giving yourself those extra hours in the morning allows creativity to flow and more time in your day to get that extra “thing done”.

Think of your end all goal and when you want to get it done by.  With this extra time in your day, you can work out, meditate, pray, brainstorm, create ideas into your project and move quickly with a clear mind.

The trick is finding that habit to do so. If this is a change or a challenge for you, then try setting an alarm clock an hour early. It takes about 31 days to get a new habit, so embrace waking up early as your new habit.

With this hour, see what works best for you in this time frame.  This can be exercise, meditation, creating ideas or getting some things done around the house, that usually don’t have the energy for in the evening.

As you do this, watch how your life begins to change.  See how some of the worries begin to unload from this one habit.  Eventually you will obey your body and its needs as it comes to rest and this will become a normal practice in your life.

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