All is Not Just About Love

It is the foundation, yes.  It is the whole and the complete means, but connectivity and synchronicity is key to an all knowing.  Love unites, love heals, love is more.  More, for it gains energy within you.  Moving you higher and closer to God.  The upper levels and deeper levels within you.  You are united within and to all.  It is up to each to connect, uncurl the living cord within.  You are not just with the divine, but with many others.

It is the God hour, we will be giving you more knowledge.  The keys to life.  How else will you know we are here unless we connect with you?  You are all we have and the human experience is a small test for the universal teachings.
The smallness of minds to  where they are, where they fit and the truth to what exists is not their fault.  For the meanings have been hidden deeper within science and ancient history. A love has been lost and a world destroyed.  Suffering in conflict and turmoil.  How can peace be made with so much love lost.  The hatred and the disconnect has led to violence.  Bleeding the cries of our angels, humanity has lost its race to sold souls.  Life now is L I V E, which is turning to E V I L.  But this can be turned to love, one human at a time through the masses.  It may not make sense, but the truth will set you free. 
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