In life we move through so many changes in a fast paced world or a holding pattern in a slow paced stagnancy of life.  What I have found, is that the answers and keys to life are found through the heart.  A blissful place that has been hurt, abused and now out of fear unattended to.  We have learned from an early age that hurt comes with a negative consequence. With this builds fear and departure from the heart and leaving us to follow through with processes from the mind.   The end result is mental conflict.

As a result, We now lead and deal with things from the mind.  Thus listening with the ears and fulfilling a societal expectation based on built in past exeriences that have strong emotional ties built in our minds that. This, in essence, create who we are today.  Is this person good or bad? The answer is neither.  We define ourselves with beliefs that are taught from these very experiences.   Beliefs that may both be negative or positive and in turn on the same levels of either be false or true.  So, what needs to take place in your life are questions you ask yourself.  1. What must I do for this change to take place? 2. What do YOU need to get to a place of happiness within yourself?

Only going within yourself may you find this very answer.  Within you, without the ego.  Without the thought. Without you of this world.  A true, but yet very challenging retrain of the brain, habits, thoughts and action.


You.  You are the answer through the the divinity and power.

—xoxo keesh.

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