Are We Really Thinking About the Right Things?

T H I N K.

One word that represents something we all do.  But are we doing it correctly?  As I go through the road of self exploration and discovery of truth, I often wonder how did we get things so mixed up.  When was the decision made for us on what we should focus on, how we should perceive things and when will each of us have our time to make the transition.   From birth, we have all been taught to think.   Think, to process information and how to decipher what is of this world.  Thereafter, we think of that has transpired and internalize an experience. To internalize, is to make it BECOME you.

However, if we are seeking the truth.  We must go within.  Our true design is not as we perceive, where things start from the head down to your feet.  Where we process information from the mind first then move forward.  But from something within, that deep gut feeling.  That true-ness in your heart and what radiates throughout your body.  Our true design shows that things start in the center.

Lets focus on the body as the central point.  So anything outside of your body will be considered outer body and anything inside will be inner.  We will look at our bodies as a conduit to receive and send information.   The challenge is that we take what we have learned from outer experiences and send signals to put attachments to it, thus impacting our inner body experiences.   We are then taught to process these outer body experiences and think about how things are affecting us from our contact with others and life experiences. Failing to realize that we are now taking each experience and suppressing our own inner being.


Doing this creates a block of acceptance to things that will come into your life, including pain.

If you want to change the fruit, you will first have to change the root.  If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.   – T. Harv. Eker.

Our invisible is what is within us, what we cannot see. So by having moments of stillness to absorb the energy around you and to connect with the inner world within you, you allow something more powerful to be brought into your mind.       It is then, we are open to receive what is there for us, whether it be joy or pain. It is then, we are connected with a higher power and are prepared to gain a higher knowledge of thought to process and think.

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