Are you colored?

Image result for 6 9 perspective memeI was asked this and I looked up and seen an elderly Caucasian woman sitting in front of me.  I asked, “did you say colored?”.  She repeated, “yes, that’s what she calls people that are not caucasian.”I responded “and half of you can’t spell it, so I guess that’s why they go with white.”  She fell out laughing and that broke the ice.

To say the least, I was unsure what she would say or how she felt, but I listened to what she was saying and at the same time trying to understand her angle, so I can be objective.  To say the least, she had grown up racist, in a racist family that did not like anyone that was not white.   Her turn of events was in a transition where she served missionary work for a West Indian country for a several years (I believe 20) and then returning back to her family here.

Listening to her, I could understand and feel her different experiences.  Breaking past mental judgement she grew with and coming back to the same and being exhiled from family for changed beliefs.

She inquired about me and then brought up movies like, The Help and Bees.  In that she shared some of the horrific things that would happen minorities in this country.  All this while looking at me and talking about a light she sees around me and near me.

As we sat there and she asked about me, we spoke about God, love and humanity.  We spoke about the changes in life that we are going through, mentioning the election and in fact supporting the Obamacare and other instruments.

It was a quite an enlightening conversation to say the least.  It brought me to how it is possible to heal past mental barriers.  That experiences are here to teach us and that overcoming fear, releasing anger is the true way for us to come together as humanity.

The holding of pain on either side only continues the hatred and embraces war, pain and further conflict.  Had she not left her family and served would she have been able to sit with me and have such a candid conversation?

Experience is a hell of a thing and we must embrace each part to truly grow and enlighten, hopefully to touch another soul.  But even in that finding, I have felt a growth within myself.  For here, I felt a woman that went through a pain, an understanding that was right and a humbleness to her that was embracing to what is so taboo.

Have conversations, find your triggers and respect the opinion, so both parties can learn. Humanity needs compassion and one by one we can do this together.


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