Awareness to Spiritual Understanding

Awareness is being in the now.  Having a focus on the things around you and the thoughts within you to make better judgement on the choices at hand.

See as one grows to a spiritual understanding, an acknowledgement must occur from within.  This acknowledgement is an acceptance of the things that have occurred with experiences, life, choices, readings and so much more.

In essence, acceptance of the confirmations to reaffirm your beliefs.  This is manifested and grown through awareness.  By being aware of what is, you now can accept the untold forces around you or what experience as you grow to a greater understanding and wisdom.


So understand and know this:

  • We are all connected
  • Nature is a part of us
  • Everything speaks, so listen
  • Energy is merely transferred
  • We are energy
  • Energy is within all life forces

So be aware of the sounds, sight, touch and senses that give you information and heightens your awareness.  Seek within to find the answers and ask/pray to ask the right questions as you wait in meditation to receive.

It really is simple, if you are aware, you will believe for the clarity is near.

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