Balance – Conversations with Friends

Conversations with friends that are from the heart are ones that will resonate with you for a lifetime.  The intimate moments you share with someone to get to know each other that can allow you to break past the internal barriers.

I have to say, I have been blessed to have friendships that are over 20 years and counting.  They are treasured.  We have had our fights, our disagreements, loves, hugs and much more.  I must say though, we definitely have had more positives than any fusses.  But what I treasure most, are not the conversations that are your run of a mill “how’s your day?”.

But the ones that you can open up and connect on a deeper level about life.  See when you explore and allow someone to speak through a discomfort a connection occurs.  Its here when healing begins.  Often times more than many, we find its not just with the the person speaking but also for the listener too.

See we all have different lives and to judge and think something ill of someone else’s transgressions would be worse than looking in the mirror and calling yourself ugly.    Mistakes are just that mistakes.  Without them how do we grow?

To evolve we must change and move through the rough parts of life.  There are times, as much as I write, I need a strong person in my corner to give me gentle reminders too.

I’m glad when we can open up and have these conversations and break through these blocks that have been formed, clear them out of the way to make room for the strength, growth and goals to be received.

By giving this time into a person, we open ourselves to receiving something beautiful.    The conversation can be as long as a few hours…maybe four…lol where time just slips away for you enjoyed each others company so.  Or can be as short as a few moments and follow up text and smile to show that you care.

Either way, the voice and understanding you get from another human being is a rare thing in today’s society.  It seems to focus on money or some need more than just connecting.

To just connect.  To conversate.  Listen without speaking.  To speak without words.  A silent understanding achieved through knowing one another from times of prior conversation is rare.

Its time we get to know each other the real way.  The old fashioned way and enjoy it for what it is.  No gossip, no bickering.  Just speaking with one intent in mind, to listen in the end.

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