Be A Conceptual Learner

A Conceptual Learner is one that is able to take the concept applied in on aspect and having the ability to use the same processes in another aspect of life.  It is one where the individual masters the ability to categorize and organize information by creating logic-based structures in their mind.  For example, an athlete that needs to think quickly before he makes a play for the ball can use the same skills of thinking quickly when making decisions in life.  This form of learning is more often seen with Mathematical and Scientific practices.

How this differs from most conventional learning is the procedural aspects.  Procedural learning is one that is most common where one is focused on memorizing procedures, looking at the actual task at hand and focusing on that one thing in this one specified role.  The challenge with this is that it forces a memorization of operations.  This creates a challenge for one to apply their knowledge and experience to an unfamiliar situation.  Making change often difficult and leaving one complacent in a situation.  Feeling stuck.

The advantage of being a conceptual learner, is that it takes the learning curve down when starting something new.  It allows you to build a system in your mind on “how” to understand things to better execute.

To become one, is to pay attention or hone in on the grass roots of the situation.  What skillset is being used to actually get the job done.  This requires not looking so heavily at the actual task or procedures.  But actually taking a step further and looking into similarities of the connections.

1.  Focus on the organization or structure

Understand the structure that something is built on.  By knowing the structure, you can then identify the key components that tie two  in the same category or concept.   From here, take these components with the experiences and use this with another subject matter.

2.  Observe real life situations

A simple way to strengthen this skillset is by watching sports.  I think watching sports, which I don’t do often, gives great insights to the analogies of life.  It builds a relationship in the mind from something abstract as sport to an experience you may be taking on in your life.   If not sports, start being more observant with things around you.  Pay attention to the synchronicity, identify and understand how it connects.

3.  Apply

Everything won’t be perfect or right.  But here, is when you start taking what concept you are gaining and thinking how this can work here in another part of my life.  Not just watching how someone did a bad move in the game or crossing the street.  But answering it on how it can get better and then looking into your very own life on how this same decision applies to you.

On a spiritual note, we are what we attract. So when experiencing these things, taking in the visual.  The error that we see, is often the one than can create a solution to the obstacle we face.

The mental processes and organization of the mind is a powerful tool when mastering this skill.  Analogies and relationships help cultivate this practice and eases challenges in your daily life.  So, if you were taught to focus on the processes and key functions to get a subject matter done.  Start looking at what you have mastered and dissect it to see how those skill sets can be used for something else in your life.

Use affirmations to cultivate and build into this new line of thinking.  One of the best techniques is for you to have something automated and repeated to you.  Whether it is being stated verbally or visually this technique when paired with the new methodology brings things to a permanent state where this becomes you.  You become a better person, thus creating a better life.  An effective program that has worked for many worldwide is Mindzoom.

It is an automated system that does just this for you.  Just select what you are working on developing in your life and allow these affirmations grow and build you as select.  In the case of conceptual learner, you will want to be a free thinker, see things more clearly, opening of the mind to see patterns and logic.

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