Be You & Embrace The Light

My heart wants to speak. So I will write. Or should I say type.

Life. Transitions.  Changes.  All are so deep, so intricate, so simple.  But yet for many so difficult, so far away, so close.

To embrace all that is new in a transformation is simple for the exception of the mind holding on to so much that has been with us in comfort.  A comfort that has shattered happiness and cloaked ones in confusion.  A mad addiction that is fought, accepted and fought again.

Reasoning built on uncertainty.  Uncertainty of the unknown.  Of an idea of purity, peace and a life that has been taught that cannot exist.  Taught with negative blasts of news, harms and ways in our human daily life.  But this love.  The true love that was designed within each of us, that I believe exists, is set as an imaginative thing.  Where in truth, the dogma of the life we know is what needs to be let go of.  It is the only way.  The only way to find the real you.

The controlling of thought. The understanding of spirit.  The allowance to walk and be at your own pace.  To crawl, to walk or to run within your own being of growth. The key of momentum.  To continue moving forward. To listen to that voice.  Your inner voice.  Growing, listening throughout the day to grow and strengthen into your spirit.

It is the only way to break free from that comfort zone and identify with your true spirit self.  Letting go of the ego, the ways of the world and allowance of finance, work and way of life.  Putting these first, is not the way.  That is the way that was taught.  But the the true way, is surrendering the spirit and moving within to allow the other pieces to follow and fit in with spirit.

It is the reversal of training.  The real way of being.  Turning the horses around to move in the right direction. To awaken.  To be what they say, Born Again. It is the truth, the way and the light. We come in pure, but we grow tarnished.

It is within us to find the true essence and fulfill our destiny with this formation. Be You.  Look Within and Embrace the Light.

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