Become the Better You, Remove Self Limiting Beliefs

Wanted to share that, NOW is the time to deal with the self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from being the best that you can be.  Allow yourself to go through the process.  This process could mean that you have less energy and need to sleep more.  Do not force things, allow the resting periods and time to reflect on as you proceed through your day.  As you finish work, get the extra rest needed.  It is here that the resets and the internal changes take place best.

Be you.  If you have a burst of energy, do not hesitate.  Move and go with the ideas.  It’s okay to be uncomfortable and take some risks.  It is here true change happens.  Trust your guides and that what you have asked for will come to be.


So many things were said to you through your lifetime and it is here that you made some decisions that affect you in today’s life.  It may be with relationship/commitment or with not feeling good enough to execute this gifted idea that was sent to you.   Now is the time to release these self-imposed limitations and allow the body to heal.

Take the needed time to reflect and let go.  Let go and release.  Enjoy the process as you go through and be kind to yourself.  Very important that as you release and let go of this energy, it is important that you stay hydrated.  Drink water!  Your body will go through a lot to transfer and remove this energy, negative thought patterns and more.  It will be very important, with the rest that you replenish the needed energy to transition to greater.

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