Becoming Light

Becoming Light To Ascention

Life is a bliss, so enjoy it.  For the secrets, untold will ratify the belief of the people for they will reconnect with the divine.  This energy has been longing for this reconnection and changes in this golden era will be one long waited.

It has been through linear eternity that this has been long awaited.  Mankind has been on a downward cycle with competing with the dark forces for centuries.  But how one will manifest greatness is an illusion for all.

Faltering with beliefs, doubting their experiences and overall denial with the strength they carry.  But one must stay true to the course.  Be one with the integrated system within their bodies.  Moving in sequence to love and the universe.

How will one be fit for the change, if they continue to deny their true form?

Trust in the ways of the process. Be still in peace and love.  You will find truth in all entities here.

By knowing their true intentions, you know how to proceed and what measure to take next. Be one and feel what is right to know, eat, love and be with.  In your solitude, you will find roots and be strong with who you truly are.

You are magnificent and people see this light, energy, and love between your spirit and eyes.  Your light radiates regardless of how you feel.

What you feel is truth in the process.  Truth with who you are and a highlight for you to accept.  Accept and allow.  This is your guidance.

This is your freedom, your light, your way to break free.

Just be.

Focus on what is key in your development.  Believe in what is key for mastery and do this.
It is you.

Be you. True.

Love is life, and life to you will be given. Believe and ground as you remove all unneeded thoughts. It may feel difficult but release there.

Be true to your healings and release to allow.  Tell yourself this, “Allow”.  As you do this, focus on the cell structure to move things freely. For boundaries are only formed by the mind and bound by false philosophies.

God and his warriors have trained and tried for many years.  Ego and manipulation have gotten in the way and halted mankind. But this has been a part of the process.  Eluding to false servitude and being in a democracy that is false to lies, beliefs, creation and more.

A deterioration in connecting, thinking, being.

Some more than others are moving to solitude as the main source for answers.  When in trueness, we all must connect.  Being is to know and understand, interconnect and believe in love & peace.

Believing becomes Becoming.

Truly changing and believing to greater magnitudes and becoming light. 

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