What people believe is truly the impact of their future.  What your mind allows you to accept, consequently moves into flourishes and turning inevitably into a reality. One they cant escape or one that they completely enjoy.  So either one really depends on the mentality of the person that controls the thoughts.

Is it from a Positive Mental Attitude or does it stray with fear and full of negativity?   That is the answer to your problems right there.  In life, we move forward in a way that is dictated by media, life of others and ideas and concepts that are not ours.  But to be completely happy or content, you must manifest what is truly yours. 
But how do you know WHAT is YOU?  We learn, I say learn, because it is just that learned behavior.  Society has not taught us how to move in a way that is truly unique to our original design.  We have deviated from a realm that is not visible to the naked eye.  One that is felt around us but taught to fear or BELIEVE does not exist.  
But to what reasoning does this lie behind?  Control.  Ultimately, it is like the monopoly board that some of my time have  grown up on.  Kids now, learn much more from gaming systems, once again a controlled system where they can only do what the programmer has allowed.
But free thinking, that was allowed from a board game, is dissipating to a point of no return.  Or is it?  For as I go on my quest, I find more and more like minded souls during this awaking.  The greed that has grown and developed from this is phenomenal, great and disgusting.
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