Blend to your hearts desire

Hey, as we grow together, I want to share ideas and ways to change your life from the inside out.  It actually is quite simple as a few minutes a day in your morning.  By throwing a few fruits and vegetables in a Nutri Bullet or Ninja you can have a nice tasting drink that is also beneficial to your health.   Some of the ingredients often intimidate people to think that it may not taste good or that the process will be time consuming.  However, with a small investment with something like a Nutri Bullet, you will find that it takes minimal time and the blending power of this will even out the taste for you very well.
NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System
standard cup size with lids, blends nuts well
The health benefits will far outweigh the investment, trust me since they give you a great book with recipes and health benefits to go with it.  I can be lazy with doing certain things, so finding something that is quick and easy to use while giving a nice taste made my decision to leave the blender alone and get something that works.  
I have a Ninja and that is awesome too. I love it.  Very versatile with making To Go Cups and Larger Quantities if needed.  Honestly, I keep it simple and inexpensive. I usually go to the farmers market for fruits/vegetables.  Not only is there a bigger variety, but I often find they are more natural with less chemicals and sprays. With creation, I get creative with blending and juicing.  For added flavor, you can always add some honey if the fruits are not sweet enough for you, but ideally we should stay away from the added sugars.  In addition, a great blend to keep in mind is three to one.  Where you have three vegetables to one fruit.  
But honestly, if you haven’t started, I would just say get a mixer and just try blending to your hearts desire.  A simple start will be once a day, even as a breakfast drink.  Sometimes I blend oatmeal in with fruits and almond milk….those are yummy!
By taking care of your body, your mind will be free to release negative toxins as well, making it easier for you be well from the inside out.   Not only will you have more energy, but improvement in your health.  Some drinks are specific to a health condition, based on the ingredients placed in the drink and their added benefits to the body. 
So as you grow and develop, join me with having tasty health drinks that will improve your overall well being! 

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