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Staying True To You

Being true to you is knowing your real value.  Knowing your true worth. Thinking of the experiences from childhood, for many of us long forgotten, we have learned fear and that there are certain things that are not for us.  With more resistance in life, obstacles, we start to accept these levels feel that certain …

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What is Ascension?

Ascension is the process of letting go of your old life and becoming your new one.  With this process, we each  go through a range of changes that affect our Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies.  It is the transformation of a true spiritual evolution. As we transform, each body evolves and has experiences that do …

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Brain Fogginess, Moods, Fatigue – What are the real reasons?

Brain fogginess, moods, fatigue are just some of the symptoms you may be experiencing with the current shifts in energies.  If you have been going through the ascension process and have accepted your growth spiritually, then most likely you are feeling the ups and downs and most likely driving you crazy. Especially now with all …

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Are you colored?

I was asked this and I looked up and seen an elderly Caucasian woman sitting in front of me.  I asked, “did you say colored?”.  She repeated, “yes, that’s what she calls people that are not caucasian.”I responded “and half of you can’t spell it, so I guess that’s why they go with white.”  She …

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Message Received for Angels of Light, Masters & Leaders to Help The Many

Managing and loving are two different things.  As you define the worlds, two will become one.  Believe in the unity of all life as the changes unfold.  A magnitude of greatness is upon us and mankind is not ready. A force of light will come upon us as energy expands within our hearts.  It is …

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Just Allow

Just allow the moments to pass through and embrace the thoughts as the come clear to ones mind.  You are co-creator of this life and neither past or present experiences can predict the outcome of your future possibilities. So look for the synchronicity within life and you will find the answers that you seek. It …

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