In life we move through so many changes in a fast paced world or a holding pattern in a slow paced stagnancy of life.  What I have found, is that the answers and keys to life are found through the heart.  A blissful place that has been hurt, abused and now out of fear unattended …

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in·tu·i·tion ˌint(y)o͞oˈiSHən/ noun 1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Things will get clear in the near future.  Get some rest you are too tired to carry on energetically with a message at this time. You receive messages throughout the day, just know they are true and to trust …

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Sorry, I’ve been away for a bit.  Was taking time to recuperate some more from continued challenges.  It brought me to a concept and ideal of healing the body and realization.  The realization that life is a short and as you go through it, the more  deep breath that we all must take.  As we breathe in, we …

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Life definitely has its challenges and I for one, like many of you have had my share.  These past few years have given me a lot of ups and downs, new challenges, old ones and ways to grow from the inside out.  My latest was with a major accident that has really put me down …

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Reflecting on Life and its offerings is a peaceful way to find your true inner being.  Many times as we begin this “down time”  we wrestle with many thoughts, to-do’s and sometimes find ourselves worrying.    When in fact, as bad as our troubles are to us, or to yourself.  To someone else their trouble …

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Love is a beautiful thing that is flowed between everything and all things.  So many times, people only use the word “love” when describing an intimate relationship.  They forget about the simple things that come into their life like peace, serenity, laughter and saying this is love or they categorize love for kids as something …

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What people believe is truly the impact of their future.  What your mind allows you to accept, consequently moves into flourishes and turning inevitably into a reality. One they cant escape or one that they completely enjoy.  So either one really depends on the mentality of the person that controls the thoughts. Is it from a Positive …

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Its funny how life works and the systems and changes you must go through to move from one location in life to another destination.  I say another, since transitions do not always mean better.  There are many times, which we do NOT like.  Where the change will make our lives worse, more uncomfortable or just …

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So I started a blog and then was hit with health issues.  The very evening I went to do a photography job for a wedding and rushed to the ER by the end of the night.  This goes to show, we should not take anything for granted.  We know this already.  Tomorrow is not promised.  …

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The Book

Our story is never known until all unfolds.  It’s funny as I spoke with someone the other day how this came to me.  How people on a whole can make an assessment on something based on the limited information that they know.  Like a book, one person may be the front cover and the other the back, …

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