A Cheerleader

Isn’t it awesome when you find someone to support and rally you with your future endeavors?   Support is something that not only unites two or more people but builds a stronghold. This strength is not only needed for a strong foundation, the roots and grounding for the body you are building but for the …

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I like to read and a dear friend of mine had shared the art of journaling, so now I love to write too.  🙂  At the time I looked at him and thought, I didn’t know men journaled?  (lol..my ignorance)  But this man, shared with me how it got him through many challenges in life, …

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Looking In

The way to find Deepest level of self, is through inner knowing and guided intuition.  In life we must seek for teachers and pathfinders to lead us along the way in our path to enlightenment. Many spend time reflecting in muddled feelings about ourselves.  But through our dreams, we learn to discover things about ourselves, …

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Slowing Down

Sometimes I wonder if we are speeding time up.  If energetically we are transferring our impatience and need for now, moving to tomorrow right into this earth.   As I slow down on this road to recovery, I sit back and watch a fast moving world.  I take in more and take on less. People …

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3 Simple Steps To Clear Your Energy Now
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