Life definitely has its challenges and I for one, like many of you have had my share.  These past few years have given me a lot of ups and downs, new challenges, old ones and ways to grow from the inside out.  My latest was with a major accident that has really put me down in a recovery way that I have never experienced before.

 I could have lost my life or one or all of my children’s.  But I thank God that he has spared us and take care of us as we go through our healing process.  During this time, I realized I started a blog a few years ago.  Sharing some of my thoughts that were learned through the processes that I had to go through get to another level, spiritually, emotionally, physically, psychologically and more.

It became a process of finding myself, finding God and knowing more how to relate to others.  Why we go through challenges and persevere through many times do not become apparent until you have weathered the storm.   Even more, being able to look back at the pain and not feel what you used to exist with that experience anymore.

So, here we are.  While I am recouperating, working on my health, vision, and overall recovery, I take some time to review my past notes and share with you in this blog.  As creative as I am with design and photography, I have always had a side in me that went within to write.


Now, I share with you as history and notes as I have grown through many many life changes.  The specifics, I may or may not get into, but the teachings I will definitely share as they were written then as I was  guided and gifted to tell.

Hoping to open your inner being and know that you too are not alone and that you too have the courage within you to fight and move through your obstacles.  Keeping still is not easy for me and moving forward is the only way I know how.  Soooooo……lets be happy as, Pharrell says and move along with you!  lol.

No matter what your anguish or turmoil, there is always a reason to smile.   — xo Keesh.

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