The Book

Our story is never known until all unfolds.  It’s funny as I spoke with someone the other day how this came to me.  How people on a whole can make an assessment on something based on the limited information that they know.  Like a book, one person may be the front cover and the other the back, but until someone goes through the process of reading the whole story, they will never understand their story.

Many times we may read the back and even get to the foreword to cast an opinion of the book and miss if something can be gained from it.  But what it takes is persistence, consistent effort and dedication to complete from cover to cover.  Skipping through or reading for comfort only enables your own understanding and creates false judgement.  The road to enlightenment is a process.  To gain you must give.  Taking the short cut road, such as watching the movie version to the story written is usually just that.  You miss the Core elements of the author’s inspiration.  Instead, you receive a capture, a synopsis of what a portion of the story is messaging. 

To truly grow, it is like reading a book.  You must move through the difficult parts, the parts that bore you or feel that you understand already.  Putting the book away or losing to distractions in life will cause you to lose in the end. 

I wanted to share this with you, for I too would like to remember this and know that the roads travelled through life is accomplished through daily efforts put in.  As Jim Rohn says “Its easy to eat an apple a day, But its also easy not to.”

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