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It's An Experience

You want an experience that actually gets where you are, how you got here and how to get out of the things that have kept you stuck.

The ones that no one listens to that keeps people at bay and keeps you up at night or just.numbing.the.pain.

You want to know the why and you want to feel released and clear on who you are in your divine essence.

You want the Ancient Light Healing to truly connect and truly experience your spiritual side.

Here's What You Will Get

Intuitive Coaching
Coaching on achieving your goal, growing your business, connecting with others, and meeting the one
Coaching on achieving your goal, growing your business, connecting with others, and meeting the one
Energy Healing Session
Online energy healing courses and coaching on achieving your goal, growing your business, connecting with others, and meeting the one

It took you years to get where you are, so please don’t expect to change your life In one session.

We are going to dive deep into healing, meditation, and personal development coaching, why you haven’t had a breakthrough with them yet, and remove the blocks stopping you from achieving that lasting, positive change you desire for your life.

Hi, I'm Keshia!

Energy healer, gifted intuitive, and your new


I help conscious, free-thinking people and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and build better, stronger relationships with those around them.


How This Works...

First, we do a no-touch or in-person session that lets me feel out and read your energetic body, as well as heal your blocked centers of energy.

Second, we create a set of practical, mindset changes you need to implement in your life to align your body, mind, and soul and attract the people and experiences you desire.


A body scan is like an X-ray for your energetic body. It lets me see where and why the energetic block started, how it affects your “now”, and how we can work on alleviating you from this blockage.

Our clearing sessions will aim to clear out these blocks so you can align your mission, vision, and purpose to the goal you’re trying to achieve. You’ll feel completely relaxed and comforted throughout the whole process, while your body temperature might shift to release and rejuvenate your body.


With intuitive readings, I can tell you things about you that you don’t even know yourself and reach your guides, ancestors, loved ones, and angelic protectors. With these coaching sessions, we’re going to identify your gifts.

You are going to learn how to use them to achieve your goals and become at ease with the process of unlearning and learning new things along your journey.

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Thousands of people swear by our 2 part method

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Keshia is AWESOME!!!! I wouldn’t say that I was a skeptic before but I didn’t know anything about energy healing. She took her time to explain everything to me, from the beginning of the process to the end and what I could expect after our session. I started with a knot in my neck that had been killing me for weeks. I carry all of my tension and stress there. At the end the knot was gone, I could move without feeling pain and my body overall felt lighter and more relaxed! She gave me great insight in areas that I needed the most. Because life happens on a continuous basis I’ll be definitely going back for more sessions!! Thanks Keshia!!!




I hold Keshia Martin , In high regards as a friend and as someone I have know for quite a long time,she has an amazing gift and Has helped me personally. I would highly recommend her for anyone in need of help guidance in her field of practice. She is kind caring honest and reliable and truly has an amazing gift to share and in which she can intuitively help others in need. Thank you Keshia my beautiful friend God bless.




Keshia Martin has an amazing gift in so many areas. she has especially helped me in the area of relationships. that was my issue. amazing energy healer.




Keshia Martin is amazing! Her energy healing totally rejuvenated me and gave me more energy. I feel like a new person and I love it. She was very gentle and took time to understand my issues and offered a lot of wisdom and the healing factors is out of this world. I highly recommend her and her services, she is the real deal! I will be going back to her again and again! Thank you Keshia for offering such a wonderful service!

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