Brain Fogginess, Moods, Fatigue – What are the real reasons?

Brain fogginess, moods, fatigue are just some of the symptoms you may be experiencing with the current shifts in energies.  If you have been going through the ascension process and have accepted your growth spiritually, then most likely you are feeling the ups and downs and most likely driving you crazy.

Especially now with all the energies in the world, the war has been escalated to a new level.

I myself have been going through a time and feeling like a yo-yo with emotions and energy levels.

If you can relate, then I know finding an answer to balance is key right now for you to stay on track in your daily life.

The calling and the downloads have been a great deal and connecting with the energies can be downright overwhelming.  The key to balancing is getting centered and to stay within the vibrations of the heart and love.

This can be difficult, especially if you are very sensitive.  But you must be diligent to your needs in your physical body to best aid your spirit.

Some symptoms that you may experience during these vast changes include:

  1. Headaches this can be in the temple, third eye or back of the head
  2. Fogginess in thinking
  3. Lack of motivation
  4. Feeling uncertain or unsure of where to go
  5. Fatigue
  6. Changes in appetite
  7. Change in sleep patterns
  8. Over thinking

Here are some things that I did to help assist with the swings to make it easier on me:

  • Control the levels of EMF waves that were around me.  This included shutting phones off, leaving gadgets in another room.
  • Having alone time.  Being in crowds or around many people can make you more irritable with emphasizing the physical pains and effects of picking up their energies.
  • Meditate.  To clear your thinking and disconnect from the energies around you, especially if you are empathic.
  • If you are overthinking or feel like you can’t shut down, meditation may be very difficult to do and feel like the connection can’t be made.  Here, releasing trapped energies through pressure points will be needed.  This can be done by applying pressure to certain parts of the body or through stretching.
  • Use crystals to protect from the EMF’s, that are emitted from the wifi and cell phones.  Some crystals that can be used for protection include: Black tourmaline, Shungite, Malachite.
  • Rest.  Give your body the rest and sleep it needs to recover.

As I have allowed myself to let go of the negative energies and allow, I have received some clear information.  More downloads, the challenge will be staying there.

Right now there is a spiritual war and it is massive, I’ve received this and others are too.  The key is to experience what we are coming into and accept our role as truth.  We do know what we are and what we are receiving, but trusting and believing is key.

My role has once again transitioned and stepping into that you will experience different writing from me as I do what’s best to help others through their path.  It truly is a shift and an awaking to trust that  I really don’t have to understand everything.  So much it has been a relief that has taken away a massive headache that seemed to never end.

So I do understand what you are going through and want you too, to trust the process.  Follow the steps here and in the video to help you through these pivotal times before we transcend to the next levels.

Love and Light,


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