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Start with our meditations and live Q&A's and work your way into the personalized healings.  This program provides the key for you to build momentum, create abundance and break free to make those power moves you need to attract the life you want TODAY. 

Don't wait till you "feel" ready

Trust your instinct to be an impact and transmute your pain to start living your dynamic life now. Start tapping into your mysterious powers of perception to be more confident.

This program is designed to ignite your creativity.

Vibrational Healer of Universal Love

With alchemic codes, your transformation within will be the catalyst you need to manifest the abundance, love and healthy life you want.

  • Break from the conformity that keeps you stuck or anxious

  • Develop within you clarity you seek

  • Find your strength to uplevel and break past your mental barriers

My one and only goal will be to work with you to be your own hero and make the mark in life that raises your shoulders.

We grow with you

This is a great starting block for those that want to understand more and get into meditation. For that reason, we offer easy ways to handle your subscription, so you can upgrade or downgrade it if you need.

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Affordable pricing

In the monthly plan you save. These meditations are not just meditations. They are infused with healing energy, so you are getting the powerful healings right in your own home and access anywhere. At this price, you get the weekly meditations, access to library PLUS Live Q&A's, packed with teachings and a safe tribe for you to grow and connect with.

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No contracts

Maybe you just need our extensions for a month, or a year. Maybe you don't want to be "tied-up" with a company for a whole life. OUR BRONZE PACKAGE OFFERS JUST THAT.  For that reason, the moment you want to stop using our program, just press a button and we'll stop charging you.

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Feeling Happy shouldn't be hard. Don't make it hard.

Downgrade at anytime

You can change from one plan to another with just one single click.

Upgrade at anytime

Ready for the 1:1 Healing?  With just one click you can expedite your growth!

All unlimited

Gain access to the portal, online community, recorded meditations, Q&A's anytime 24/7.

Easy monthly pricing

Don't overcomplicate by searching everywhere to accidentally open a portal or bring in negative energy on yourself, or WORRY that you are doing this.  The monthly fee, gets you a one stop shop to assist you with your spiritual growth.

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Simple monthly pricing



per month

  • Weekly Meditations

  • Connect with these deep healing journey, powerful breathing techniques to clear you from stress and start feeling better!

  • Weekly Live Q&A

  • Transformative teachings for you to clearly understand energy, ways to self heal and bring that into your life for better results.

  • The Portal

  • Gain access to past recordings and any missed episodes.  Replay as much as you like.  



    per month

  • All from Bronze

  • This includes all live sessions Meditations, Q&A's plus the replays.

  • 1:1 Monthly Healing Session

  • Keep your audience engaged with our one-of-a-kind email marketing extension, And guess what? It is unlimited too!

  • Advanced Portal Access

  • Get access to the courses and modules to help you step into your confidence, live life with passion and successfully transmute from where you are today.



    per month

  • All from Silver

  • All live sessions Meditations, Q&A's , replays plus the Advanced Portal courses and material.

  • 2 1:1 Healing Sessions

  • Keep your audience engaged with our one-of-a-kind email marketing extension, And guess what? It is unlimited too!

  • Ongoing Support In Between

  • get two 15 minute calls plus support via text messaging to assist you during the month as needed.  

    It's just been a few months since I've been working with Keshia and already I've felt a huge difference! Its night and day from where I was to where I am today. 

    Cierra D.

    "I'm sleeping better, so much less anxiety, manifested a new job and now manifesting the man I want to be with. These weekly meetings have helped me alot.  I’m also more aligned with what my body needs, whether it’s a nap or more food or maybe a walk"

    Ananya C.

    I have been handling big challenges so much differently than I ever have and I know its an attribute to you.  Your sessions have helped me immensely!

    Kristian N.

    These lives and interactives you give, help alot.  They give me alot of clarity.  The meditations too are good.  I get into a deep state and feel so much better. 

    Ivan G.