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Reigniting your passion

I think everyone comes into a phase in a project, business, relationship or life where the passion has just gone.  Your not exactly sure where it went, if its lost for good or where you should go from there. Then the fog and cloud of doubt comes into your head about the next steps forward …

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Rebuilding Yourself

The swirly line that we all end up taking when moving through life to our goals.   Boy, what a hit when it takes you off!!  I for one have definitely had my set of challenges as I am  sure many of you have too.  For if you haven’t had challenges, have you really lived? …

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I like to read and a dear friend of mine had shared the art of journaling, so now I love to write too.  đź™‚  At the time I looked at him and thought, I didn’t know men journaled?  ( ignorance)  But this man, shared with me how it got him through many challenges in life, …

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Love the Life You Live

You have to love the life you live.  Having a conversation earlier and speaking on how discontent folks are with what they don’t have seems to be a majority at this time.   Unfortunately, what happens is that people ultimately focus on what is negative or what is lacking in their life, not realizing this …

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So I started a blog and then was hit with health issues.  The very evening I went to do a photography job for a wedding and rushed to the ER by the end of the night.  This goes to show, we should not take anything for granted.  We know this already.  Tomorrow is not promised.  …

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