Energy Healing

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Energetic Boundaries

Learn to establish the energetic boundaries for yourself.  This is essential with keeping a positive outlook, thoughts and manifestations.  An energetic boundary is a protective method one does to keep from losing energy or picking up one of someone else. We each have our life energy within us and surrounds our physical bodies.  Many have …

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What are Chakra’s?

  Balance is essential with being productive, having a peace of mind and being conducive through your normal day to day life.  Outside of eating the right foods and exercising, what I have found to be most beneficial is balancing my inner energy – my Chakras.  Chakra’s also pronounced Chuk-ras from the traditional san scripts …

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Healing from Within

The healing process is similar to taking on a cluttered room to make brand new again.  Although, brand new may not be the same, the journey for each are equivalent.  A good friend once told me the outside is a reflection of the inside. Thinking that through, I realized that my environment was in correlation …

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