Clear Concise Mental Picture.  In life, whatever you are focused on, you must have a CCMP on what you desire.  For once you have a clear picture of what it is that you want, the road map and steps to get there become evident.

Start with writing your ideas down and getting things on paper.  Writing is a more powerful tool. This allows you to utilize more than one sense and absorb the thoughts more.  The power of this, internalizes the process more and makes things more clear than perhaps typing it out.  By doing this, you can see a clear picture of all the pieces to the puzzle and see your goal more clear.

Once you have taken you ideas out on paper.  The next step is to make a plan. I urge a step away for a period of time to allow the mind to process what has not been put out into existence.  This process is known as Internalization.  Internalization, is when the processes become a part of you.  You and something new become one.  Reflect on the ideas and the connectivity of it all. This is important, for it will save you much time when it comes into the next phase.   Planning.

Planning is when you look at the course and make steps to get through it.   Many of times, you may forecast obstacles.  This is fine, it allows for a plan A, B, C and so on and so forth for different paths to get to the same destination.  This does not mean a fallback plan to go in a different direction.  But a preparation for IF something should happen, you are ready.  Be careful, with not getting too wrapped into this, for you will mentally lose course or site of the goal.  You can’t plan for everything, but you can forecast and be ready should some things present itself.

Working out your plan is the next step.  This involves getting the tools and people in place to make things happen.  Here is where the fun begins.  Time for mistakes, trials, success and fun.  Yes there are serious times with deadlines and dates, but life is short, so have fun with it!  Make time for you in between. Laugh at yourself sometimes, its okay.  Remember, things are only as serious as you make them to be.  Also, not every mistake is the end of the world. Some were meant to happen, so you can have better in the end.  As long as you are putting your best foot forward with what you have, then embrace whatever changes will come to stretch you.

These are just some of the steps needed to have a clear concise mental picture of which you choose and desire to have in your life.  The steps are the complexity behind or used to build to have the simplicity.  Having a CCMP will have you laser focused.  As that laser is sharp and focal to one point without a break or a dash, so will you, be on your destined goal.

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