Its funny how life works and the systems and changes you must go through to move from one location in life to another destination.  I say another, since transitions do not always mean better.  There are many times, which we do NOT like.  Where the change will make our lives worse, more uncomfortable or just challenging before it can actually get better.

Yup.  The harsh cold thing called reality.  We all know it and as a result when the going gets too rough, most cop out and head back for the hills and end right back to Square One.  Only to later wonder why life is still the same, why things are not getting better, feeling unlucky and so on and so forth….

What we miss is the Acceptance of the Negatives to take us Through our Challenges.  We must go through it.  No other way around it.  In hindsight, we will feel like birds soaring above the forest looking down on why we didn’t go this way or that way.  A pre-speculation such as this is FEAR at its best to deter you from making mistakes.  And Mistakes are Good.  Yup, you can learn some of the best lessons through them.  So as you walk now, you will be confused, hesitant or not have the right answers and thats Phenomenal!  

Smile, cause its through this endurance you build a tolerance to handle greater and embrace the challenges to overcome the trials.  The key thing that we forget and maybe denote ourselves as being weak, is the emotional well balance.  Managing emotions is very important with how will travel through adversity.    

This is truly the key to our success.  It takes great self discipline and understanding.  Most important its not easy.  Anxiety, Hurt, Discouragement, Confusion, Misunderstanding, Anger, Dismay are all things that can occur and without the correct diagnosis and solutions to overcome can be the ultimate blessing blocker within you.

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