Changing circles

The circle of friendship, one built on trust, unity and commitment, when time has been put in the decision to leave may be a difficult one.  Especially as each grow and evolve to who they really are. 
The circle, the tie is one, with familiarity that can be a difficult decision to part with an individual or group.  To part from people that you know, love, but yet do not serve you.  But at the same time is necessary to transcend to another level.  
Just as a caterpillar changes its flock to ones that match his wings, in the end one must make certain journeys alone to grow into  our rightful being.
However the fear or being alone prevents many from making the choice of leaving. But leaving what? 
Feeling’s of negativity, depression, fear, anxiety, stress and confusion?   Versus a life of feeling happy, joy, blessed and complete? 
If the bad thing are in your life, its time to evaluate who is in your life and where the source of this energy is coming from.
“I’d rather be a fish out of water than a crab in a bucket.”- Keshia Martin

Remove yourself from your comfort zone and embrace the unknown. It is only here you get find your true potential. See, there is a richer, greater life for each of us. But it takes the internal clock to want that transition. Each person has to make that choice on their own to remove the toxic people in their life away from their circle.
Letting the fear of the unknown, being alone or meeting new people, is just that. A Fear. Let that Go. It does not serve you. It holds you back from your blessings and true potential.
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