Coaching Details

Want to know if you have gifts and how to access? Break your blocks and Discover your abilities and how to untap.

What you’ll get.

For a real transformation, we need time to work together, to develop new habits, mastery of energy, your frequency and new way of thinking. 

This coaching program is designed in increments of 90 days. 

Here you will spend time with me and gain: 

– Mastery of your energy to Manifest, Self-Heal
– Identify your spiritual gifts and how to use them
– Breaking Energetic Ties
– Restoring Light Body Energy for Growth
– Weekly Follow Up Contact
– Available for text or contact during challenging times
– Mastering Trust with Intuition for Decisions

Coaching is for 90 Days on a Bi-Weekly Schedule. Included is:

– 6 Hours of Individual Coaching/Energy Sessions
– Energy Healing to break Karmic Ties
– Healings to Bring In Restored Energy to Prosper and Grow
– Recommended Readings
– Weekly Check-Ins
– Journal/Tools Welcome Kit

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