Consciousness & Ascension

As humanity awakens, all will strive to live a better life but many will fail with that tasks at hand. The ego will flight with the healing and stop many with their growth and lack of belief.

Mankind has been in order to stop the devastation of this war and have been in alliance with the reptiles and ones of fate to curate a war.  One that will control and lead many to a despaired fate.  It is up to the chosen to lead and move in an understanding that shows love and embraces the power of the universe to the greater good.

Allow.  This is the guidance to continue what has been started and to allow the changes to move through you as you read and understand the love as given and designed by God.  A higher power and of light energy, the universe depends on this connectivity to take place and evolve.
Evolve past sound and manifest through light.  All called must be ready and known from within.  It is the only way that one can be truly called.  
The light from within must shine bright.  Whereas each one will recognize their soul families to complete their part in this mission.  A mission that has gone past the millennia and moved through time past a linear function as one knows to man.
Allowance will change the frequency and adjust to resonate with the higher vibrations.  So be still in your ways to receive and let go of what is needed to ascend. It is a shedding and all must be prepared to receive the light for each step to move forward. 
And know you can no longer mirror those who do not serve the light.

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