Universal Love Spiritual Mastery Program

Meet Keshia

This is the portal that will guide you through your experience to become fearless, free and masterful in your life and business. This work is all about becoming the Energetic Match in your life and business. That means you look yourself and your life directly in the eye, with fearlessness and with kindness.

It means you live beyond fear and according to your truth because you recognize fear for what it is: a deadly invitation to not be yourself. Cultures are built from the “small s” self, by “small s” selves, for “small s” selves. I call this lowercase living.

In this paradigm, we abandon our truth, values, desires and dreams in support of cultural truth, values, desires and dreams, which are built around one key value:survive at all costs. 

We’re taught we can’t survive alone, that it’s more valuable to sustain our physical life at the cost of our spiritual Life, and that we must compromise our truth, silence our dreams and stay small so the lion won’t find us and harm the tribe…or rather, so the lion won’t emerge from your very midst and expose the lie that living in fear, because of fear, under fear,for fear, is no life at all.

This is because the Self is the true Lion, which is by far the greatest enemy to the tribe. This audio series will introduce you to your Self. Your Self is powerful beyond measure. It is imbued with the divine. It comes from timelessness and truth. It sees with the third eye. It knows it cannot be defeated, no matter how angry or great the tribe charging toward it.