Creativity & The World of Imagination

To be…to allow….what a beautiful thing we have within us to just manifest and create. Creativity, where is it made and how do we evoke such simple pleasures?

An emotion, a feeling, an energy to just flow through you and outwards as you receive the simplest cues to create.  Sparks and energies from within that are great, wondrous and positive are what stimulates from the sacral chakra into the heart and mind a freedom of thought and inspiration.

The Sacral Chakra, an energy source from within that holds both your creative and sexual energies.  They go hand in hand.  Commingling with ecstasy to a heightened level of awareness that is a rarity in finding.  A potential, when at its maximum, is a craving that many wish to unleash. The genius. One, from in solitude is achieved from tapping within and from great collective company can be combined into.

Allow yourself to embrace this energy.  Feel and let it penetrate through your core.  Feed it stimuli to create something magnificent.  Take a walk, See somewhere new, listen to different music, embrace the magnitude of its power and allow your imagination to create and move something rewarding into existence.  Allow your true energy, spirit to flow through your inner being, thoughts and creation.

This world of creative imagination is yours and cultivated through positive thoughts and freedom of expression.  It is a world untouched, unbiased and not wrong for through your spirit and engagement you have achieved an awareness like no other.

Embrace the flow.  Feed it positive energy and manifest a newness like no other.  For you are the creator.

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