Death and Superstitious Beliefs

Death & Superstitious things brought me to a conversation with my mother who shared some old time “superstitious” things they did in the islands for a funeral.

One of those was passing a baby over the casket.  This was done to prevent the spirit from coming back to visit the child or baby.

I could think, “crazy” right?

But some of the things and one thing in particular that I experienced first had was the following:

  • Do not walk across someone grave
  • Change your clothes as you get in
  • Don’t walk in with the dirt from the cemetery to your home or car
  • Don’t go straight home
  • Change things out in your home to remove the negative energy from the wake and visitors
So they sound like superstitious thing for people that believe in that stuff right?
Well, I thought the same years ago till I some woman terrorized my daughter after I attended a funeral and that I was guilty of not doing points 1, 2 , 3 & 4.
This was so real that everyone that visited my house and the neighbor to my townhome at the time (which are ministers) experienced.  It was crazy.
This woman was described by a few to have crazy white hair and black streaks, long and wild.  She wore this long white dress and looked evil and conniving with her expressions.  I didn’t see her, but children would describe the same thing)
She would taunt my child, I went to get a cat, (thinking animals scare them off) couldn’t find one and got a dog, a boxer, and as quiet as he was the first 5 hours I had him, he was on one big kick in that house when he arrived.
It took a while, I had to do a lot of cleansing to remove her and at that time I was scared. 
I remember one night before I got the dog, I was so terrified with my kids screaming that I packed them up and left my husband.  Yup, I did.  lol
But, I tell you what, that was the last day I would run. After that, I faced her and sent her off.

I know death and the rituals we do now has changed drastically with time.  And what the (pardon with no offense) “old timers” didn’t make sense but had a reasoning beyond our understanding.  
But the thing is, should this present itself, one may not be aware.  I sure didn’t believe in the superstition or entertain things.  To the point when it showed up, I had to track back to what was the cause. 
I always think I never signed up for all of this, but when it comes, I’m not the one to bow in the fight. For in the end, we are stronger.  I believe that.  Superstition or not, symbolisms and the meanings, it is important that when something does come, you take the proper measures to understand and work to correct if needed. 
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