Death and Symbolisms

Death symbol of infiity
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So the other day, my friend and I had a girl day and hung out.  As we were out we met up with her man and he got us tickets to go to an event on the beach.  On the day of the event right, I get a call about going.

As I get the call, I hung up and said to a friend of mine that I don’t think we’re supposed to go.  I just had a feeling, needless to say, I got dressed (since I made the commitment) and said if it’s not meant to be something else will happen..

Well, a few things did and we did not go.  A few hours later I hear that his father was sent to the hospital.  My advice was to go and spend time with him.  The part that got me was that, he asked “do I think, he’ll be okay” and I said “yes”.  For I saw a bright light and an infinity symbol across his chest in my minds eye, that I wish I told him.

The next day, he passed of a heart attack .

I was upset with myself, for I thought, what else could I have done?


As I went through my own heartache, I was reassured about my advice given and it was the best.  I also found the symbol to mean eternity. Which is profound.

Symbolism and signals received are so simple yet powerful sometimes.    Although it may not be clear on what we are supposed to do at that time, it is important that you follow the feelings within.

As you grow on your spiritual path, you may never have it “all right”  but you do have now and the breath you live.  There are no rules, only to just be.

To just be is to be one with your spirit and in sync with the energies around you.  It is here the true lies and the power to discern symbols as received gets strengthened. 

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