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December 21st Saturn & Jupiter Conjunction

Here’s the thing, this is the first time in 800 years that we will be able to see this bright visual of a star and its something that is coming with much energies and allowing you room to shift and grow into your higher potential.


According to science and astronomers, this rotation occurs once every 20 years.  However, this will be the first time it in 800 years that one it is visible to us and two that they are so close visually.  In 2000, it was reported to have occured too close to the sun, so it was not visual to the naked eye.

Now, why I want to touch on this is for the energies that will be occurring and that many have felt leading up to this date.  Some wonder is this real, what impact can it really have and what credibility does knowing about planetary alignments have with you directly.


The truth is it has a lot.  More and more news outlets like Forbes, NBC and many others are recognizing the sense of energy and are reporting more about planetary retrogrades such as Mercury, Venus and account for the shifts in communication and relationships that it brings.

Moreover, it is easy to document times when towers were down, platforms weren’t working and even in your life when relationships went south if there was a retrograde present.  In fact, we can bring it to as simple as the moon.

We are all familiar with that incidents increase more around a Full Moon.  This can be births, crimes, accidents and more.  This has everything to do with the energetic pulls that are created with the magnetism from the Earth to the Moon.

In fact, many hospitals and emergency units are more staffed for this very reason.  To be prepared for these rises of incidents during Lunar changes.

Now in the video above, I go over in more detail on how the energies of each planet can impact you directly.  Whether you have been working on internal healing or just been going through the motions, you will be impacted by where you are vibrationally.

It can be emotional where you are spiraling downward as directly the opposite and just expanding.  With both parts, it can be overwhelming on tapping into your gifts, knowing how to lean inward and be discerning with raising your vibration.

Take the tips in the video, apply it and work the energies to propel your growth.  To truly maximize in this, connect with me for personalized energy work.  Here, we will work through the problem areas to get you more aligned.


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